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a selection of works from their "first life" we can say. this is before a mold was made and is still in its clay form. for the most part, these clay pieces ultimately have been destroyed and now are available in either bronze or resin. (i have a blog post about the casting process under the 'musings' tab should you want to see what goes into the piece behind the scenes)

it is hard to gauge a price for each piece without deciding first which casting material to use and what it will mounted on.

please reach out if you would like to talk options on how to get one in your home! also, go check out my purchasing guide some frequently asked questions explained or send me a message. i would love to chat!


clay | life-size self portrait | 2017


clay | life-size | 2017


clay | life-size figure | 2017


plastilina | 6x2x2 in | december 2017


clay | life size self-portrait | 2018

masculine I

clay | life-size torso | 2016


clay | life-size self portrait | 2019


clay | life-size portrait | 2018

the architect

clay | life-size portrait | 2020

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