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This is guide is to help explain the process of purchasing a unique sculpture edition. If you are interested in a work under the 'clay' section, wanting to commission an edition in bronze, or just wanting to get the colors changed..... this guide is for you! 

Here's to hoping these next few paragraphs will do a good job of explaining some of the options you have if you like a piece and want to know a little more about the process of obtaining one. 

Purchasing a sculpture for your art collection at first could seem daunting but it could possibly just be more fun than choosing a painting. The sculpture process allows for more customization of your piece and, if you are interested, the opportunity to be let in on the behind the scenes process of how the piece comes to life. For example, in the 'gallery' section of you can see a photo of a piece in its clay for and in a different material (medium) as well. So, let's say you like a piece but would want it in a different color scheme to best match your aesthetic. We can do that! Every sculpture can be customized in its medium and coloring (patination).



Bronze, naturally, is the most exalted of all sculpture mediums. (Okay well, there is a LOT to be said about marble but for the intent of this guide, I will digress) The metal itself provides so much depth inevitably allowing its own life force to shine through the sculpture itself. This is a multi-step process occurring at the foundry using the 'lost wax' technique. I have a photo diary of this process in another 'musing' from a few years ago. Once the bronze is poured, the sculpture is broken out of its ceramic shell, cleaned up, then will go through a patination process. This is where we can work together to decide what color best suites the piece for you. The natural oxidation that occurs after is a beautiful process to witness as the years pass. This is why I love bronze, it is so organic that it starts to interact with its environment. To me, therein lies a direct link to alchemy. Turning essentially just mud clumped together into a new (almost) eternal metal by using the four elements. (Can you tell I'm really into it?) A bronze can go inside or outside but best to hang out in one place. Oily hands can blacken a patina and they can be very heavy, requiring a crew to move depending on size.



Aqua resin is a newer manmade material that delivers on its lightweight nature and makes a shy, but strong, promise on its permanence. It can survive outside for prolonged periods of time but should be at your discretion when it comes to any extreme weather. We don't want strong winds to have their way with it. With it being so light weight, it makes it easier to move around and can readily be shipped to you if you live far away. The bronze process can take months to complete whereas I make resin pieces in house only taking a few short weeks. I have found that with resin it lends itself to a wider variation of color and leaves space for more unique pops of pigment. The imagination can really run with this so don't be shy in asking for something unexpected- I would love that! Resin is also great if you would like a sculpture but are unsure of the price commitment a bronze would bring.



Now that you have sculpture medium chosen, it is time to talk bases. So many options! My personal favorite is any polished natural stone. I love the grounding presence it brings to a bronze or resin piece. Solid wood is another go-to, I love how the rich tones can really set off a patina. Also, every tree has its own character so I like to think about that when pairing it with the mood or thought behind the sculpture. For outdoor pieces or a site specific installation, I might suggest a more customized base option- like steel or concrete. I will be available for a site assessment if needed to help with specifications.



I know I do not have all my prices listed here but please reach out if you have any interest in a sculpture. The prices vary piece to piece and also can change depending on the materials used. I have tried to make things accessible no matter what the budget might be. Typically I will send out a contract before any sculpture purchase, this protects my efforts as well as your investment. Along with this comes the option for payment installments, either two or three depending on if it is one of my personal works or your commissioned piece. 



I am also open to taking commissions from you- like a a family member's portrait done or even if you have been dreaming of sculpture for years but don't know how to bring it to life. I want to be the person to help make that happen! Let's chat!

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