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My Go-To Studio Items

Normally it seems one would use 'tools' when describing their favorite things to work with, but in a sculptor's studio sometimes one would think they were actually about to bake a cake if you were to visit during a casting week.

I've compiled a list from Amazon of my necessities so you can have them delivered right to your door by just a click of the photo! I will try to add a short description of what I use them for but the best place to find that information would be on one of my social sites linked below :)

(also, as if it weren't obvious enough, I am not a professional blogger so this is probably going to seem SUPER wonky but I'm just trying to share what I know to work (for me) and what I like)

First, I have a deep love for a good silicone spatula. It might be the preferred tool when working with plaster. And also a multi-pack from the dollar store is what you want when mixing resin bowls for days on end.

These icing spatulas are my favorite way to get a nice straight edge when mold-making in plaster. I have never looked back from being in the kitchen section getting casting week supplies.

Large plastic mixing bowls are so handy for mixing resin. At some point or another, you're going to have to throw it away because of too much resin build up or it broke while you were cleaning it so a multipack is the way to go.

These bowls are more like what you want to use for plaster so you can easily bend the bowl apart and break off the plaster. They are a bit more of an investment so you aren't going to want to use resin in them. (Also you can just use the mixing bowls for plaster, its just a lot more annoying to keep clean)

Never underestimate how many paintbrushes you can actually go through. Especially if you are working with pigments. Also never underestimate the supreme feeling of a new paintbrush when you've been working in plaster for so long.

Speaking of paintbrushes, its best to keep a pack of these handy when doing seam work. They make life so much easier.

AC Tape has been the biggest game changer the past two years when mold-making. If you are using liquid silicone and don't know this trick, please come find me on social media!! Who knew aluminum foil tape would become a life saver?

There's a lot to be said about this tool and all of its functions. The main point being, that if you are in it for the long haul, you need a dremel.

And 1000% will also need the handy attachment piece to get in all the tight spaces.

These carbide bits are my go-to for a quick grind down of resin seams. Also are going to be one of the only things to make a dent in bronze.

I have two of these in my studio and have enjoyed them, despite the fact that they aren't on wheels (you can add them though!) The height of them were the main thing I was looking for. Perfect for portraiture.

This is a heavy duty stand that is just on the wish list for now, but still wanted to share in case someone was looking for one.

If you have vaulted ceilings like I do, these have made literal night and day difference in the studio. Plus its a clear, white light as an added bonus and doesn't have the weird flutter florescent lights do.

Hands down this is best type of "spray bottle" you can be using. Gone are the days of wetting your sculpture down while simultaneously tiring out your hands.

Speaking of hands, definitely just go for it and order a 50 or 100 pack of gloves. You will inevitably use them all and it always sucks to run out in the middle of a project then not be able to find one that isn't "one size fits all" at local stores. Recently happened to me, so its time to stock up!

Going to leave it at this for now. There might be a part two that pops up once if I ever think of another bulk list of necessities! As mentioned in the beginning, just click the image to buy directly from Amazon. At some point, I could begin to earn commission from any purchases but that does not mean your price goes up! You would literally just be helping me to earn a few extra cents here and there....for that I am very grateful.

Hope these items prove so useful in your studio practice. Feel free to reach out on social media with any questions!



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